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Why support small business?

Obtaining electrician services from a mom or pop residential electrician business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, A little boy get his team jersey, A mom or dad put food on the table. Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy!

Licensed Electrician

Do it yourself or hire a Licensed Electrician!

  •   Home  owners in NJ can obtain an electrical permit that allows them to perform electrical work on their own home. The work will be inspected  by  the town and approved if the work is done to code. It is illegal for  a  home owner to hire a non licensed electrician to work on their home.  It  is illegal for any unlicensed contractor to perform electrical work  in  NJ period. If anything happens related to electric that was done by  an  unlicensed person, your home owners insurance will not cover it.  Obtain a  permit and do it yourself. (your covered if you burn your own  house  down) Obtain a permit in your name and let an unlicensed  contractor burn  your house down. (insurance companies are not stupid)  Or hire a  licensed professional that will do the job right. Keep in mind that when you obtain services from one of those big electrical  companies, You are actually hiring an unlicensed employee working under  that big companies owners license and paying the same if not more than a  licensed electricians rates. If you read this, I  hope what I wrote  helped you make the right decision.   

Licensed means guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed ?

A Licensed Electrician earns his license. 5 years experience, a three part exam given by the state, and the requirement of continuing education to keep that license speaks for itself. The big companies need to push the satisfaction guarantee card because they are sending unlicensed electricians to your home. Its like saying, "Don't worry, if my guys screw up, I have no choice but to fix it being they are working under my license". That Guarantee is fine if your getting your car detailed by an unlicensed driver. It is not fine when your sitting in a hotel room while your house is being rebuilt because you hired a Guarantee instead of a licensed electrician.

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If your not in a hurry, fill out our contact form. The best way to contact us is to give us a call and leave a message. I listen to my messages daily and return all calls. I would love to answer every call, but thanks to our electronic society, I get 50 spam calls a day. Sorry for that. Once we know each other, I will answer all your calls. If my honesty offends you, Please call one of the big companies that are guaranteed to provide you with the service you deserve.


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